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भा.कृ.अनु.प.- केन्द्रीय कटाई उपरान्त अभियांत्रिकी एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED INSTITUTION (Formerly ISO 9001:2008 Certified)
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NOTICE for Cancellation of WALK IN INTERVIEW

NOTICE for Cancellation of WALK IN INTERVIEW

Walk in Interview for post of SRF in FCI project at ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana

Walk in Interview for post of SRF under the project “Study on Determining Storage Losses of Wheat and Paddy Stored in CAP System and to Recommend Norms for Storage Losses” at ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana

ICAR-CIPHET celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8th March 2020

 ICAR-CIPHET celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD)  on 8th March 2020.Dr. (Mrs.) Gurinder Kaur Sangha, Dean, Post Graduate studies, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, was the chief guest of the function. Dr. R.K. Singh, Director, ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana presided over the function.  Dr. Manju Bala, chairperson, women cell and IWD organizing committee, ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana, welcomed all the participants and Dr Bembem ,Scientist, ICAR-CIPHET coordinated the event. 

Celebration of Constitutions Day at ICAR-CIPHET Ludhiana

Celebration of Constitutions Day at ICAR-CIPHET Ludhiana

अपने मोलिक कर्तव्य निभाएं देश को महान

अपने मोलिक कर्तव्य निभाएं देश को महान बनाएं

दवेष से पहले देश को रखें लोक सम्पति की

  दवेष से पहले देश को रखें  लोक सम्पति की सुरक्षा करें



Respect Constitution and National Symbols

Respect Constitution and National Symbols



ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana gives licensing on ` Wadi making machine’

Wadi are generally prepared from pulses after soaking and grinding and thereafter forming small sized balls followed by drying in sun, commercially. One skilled person can make at the most 40 kg of wet wadi per day besides that sun drying of wadi takes 2-3 days.  This not only leads to unhygienic way of manufacturing but also takes more time, labour as well as causes human drudgery. Besides, the wadis obtained are not of uniform in shapes and sizes. Keeping in view the above CIPHET has developed wadi making machine which completely eliminates the hand operation thereby reducing drudgery and further contributing to food safety. The capicity of machine is 300kg per hour so it enhances the per day productivity of a person which ultimately leads to the enhancement of income. By using this system, hygienic, superior and uniform product quality can be ensured. Nine Different shapes of wadi can be prepared using the developed system, thereby increase the consumer appeal for this traditional product. The developed machine is an initiative in mechanizing the production of traditional Indian foods. This machine can also be used for multi-functional purpose like cold extrusion.

Sahnewal (Pb.) based firm M/s Empire Bakery Machines Pvt. Ltd. approached the institute for licensing of this technology, Dr. Ranjeet Singh, I/c ITMU has facilitated the event and    Dr. Sandeep Mann, inventor of this technology  explained  about all the know-how and mechanism of the developed technology and  assured him that all possible help will be extended for commercially production of the machine. Now onwards anybody who wish to buy Wadi making machine may either approach to ICAR-CIPHET Ludhiana or to M/s Empire Bakery Machines Pvt. Ltd . P.O., Sahnewal, Punjab – 141120. Dr. S. N. Jha ADG ICAR HQ  and Dr. S.K. Tyagi were the soured if inspiration behind the development. Dr. R.K. Singh, Director (Acting), ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana awarded licensing certificate and applauded the efforts of whole team involved in the development of technology and requested the entrepreneur to keep the cost of machine reasonable in order to encourage mechanization in processing business and also   conveyed his best wishes to him. 

ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana organized 3 days training for Schedule Caste at College of Fisheries, Kawardha

ICAR-Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering Technology (CIPHET), Ludhiana organized 3 days training on ‘Post-harvest Handling and Processing of Freshwater Fish at College of Fisheries, Kawardha, Chhattisgarh during 26-28th December, 2019. ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana, one of the premier institute of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in research and training on post-harvest technology of agro produce is committed for socio-economic development of society including scheduled caste. Under Schedule Caste Sub-plan, the institute has extended its training in Chhattisgarh with a mission to help them doubling their income. Participants were trained to handle the fish hygienically and encouraged to maintain personal hygiene. They were also made aware about the importance of cold chain immediately after harvest till it reaches to the consumer for maintaining the quality and freshness of fish. Dr. A.U. Muzaddadi, Pr. Scientist has shared his invented technology of ‘Live fish carrier system’ and its use in transportation. They were also taught to prepare fish pickle and fish cutlet. Each farmer (66) were given a bilingual training manual, a plastic crate for icing fish, a chopping board and knife. Shri Dilraj Prabhakar, I.F.S. Dist.-Kabeerdham was the chief guest in inauguration function. Dr. N.P. Dakshinkar, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Chhattisgarh Kamdhenu Vishwavidyalaya, Durg was the chief guest of the valedictory session. Dr. Armaan. U. Muzaddadi, Pr. Scientist (Nodal Officer, SCSP) and Mr. Vikas Kumar, Scientist (course co-director) was the resource person from ICAR-CIPHET. Dr. K.K. Choudhary, Dean has presided over the function and Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jakhar, Asst. Prof. of CoF, Kawardha has coordinated the training. Dr. Panda, Dr. Nightingale and others faculty and staff of the CoF, Kawardha enthusiastically supported the training.

ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana organized 3 days training for Schedule Caste at College of Fisheries, Kawardha


Swachhata Pakhwada during 16-31st December, 2019 is being organized at ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana

Swachhata Pakhwada is being organised in the institution. The banners were displaced at prominent places in the campus. A pledge taking ceremony was conducted on 16th December, 2019 and all the employees have taken Swachhata pledge. Dr R.K. Singh, Director, ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana delivered a speech concerning the participation of each individual in this Pakhwada and importance of swachhata in daily life.

Celebration of the Constitution Day on 26th November, 2019

To emphasize the significance and importance of constitution, the Government of India declared 26th of November as Constitution Day on 19th November 2015 by a gazette notification in remembrance of the Father of Indian Constitution, Dr. B R Ambedkar.

“The Constitution Day” was celebrated at ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana on 26th November, 2019, to spread awareness about the Indian Constitution. It was marked by the conduct of a ‘Special Session’ attended by the whole staff of the institute. The programme began with the address of Sh. Hajari Lal Meena, Senior Administrative officer, ICAR-CIPHET, who took us on a journey of our constitution from its history to its present day form and its vital role to bring together an idea called India. Dr K.Narsaiah, I/c Director, ICAR-CIPHET led the colleagues in taking the pledge by reciting “The Preamble to the Constitution of India”.

A special talk delivered by Dr D.N.Yadav, Principal Scientist & Chairman (organizing committee), who explained in detail the meaning of the Constitution, the Preamble, and the Directive Principle. The programme ended with a march by office staff in the ICAR-CIPHET Ludhiana campus with flyers in celebration of Constitution Day.

“The Constitution Day” was also celebrated at Abohar campus of ICAR-CIPHET, on 26th November, 2019. Dr Ramesh Kumar, I/c Head HCP Division led the pledge along with campus staff by narrating the preamble. Dr Sunil Saini briefed about the significance of the Constitution Day and the importance of being a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic and Republic country.

Vigilance Awareness Week 2019 commences at ICAR-CIPHET (October 28 - November 02, 2019

भा. कृ. अनु. .सीफेट लुधियाना में सतर्कता जागरूकता सप्ताह शुरू

भा. कृ. अनु.  - सीफेट लुधियाना में सतर्कता जागरूकता सप्ताह का शुभारम्भ सोमवार 28 अक्टूबर को संस्थान के निदेशक डॉ. आर. के. सिंह ने समस्तवैज्ञानिकों, प्रशासनिकतकनीकी अधिकारीसहायक कर्मचारियों एवं दैनिक कर्मचारियो को शपथ दिलाकर संकल्प करवाया यह जागरूकता सप्ताह 28 अक्टूबर से लेकर 02 नवंबर तक आयोजित  किया जा  रहा  है   संस्थान  में  विभिन   कार्यक्रमों  जैसे  कि  पोस्टर ,  भाषण  प्रतियोगिता,  स्कूल के बच्चों को ईमानदारी - एक जीवनशैली पर विशेष रूप से अपनाने और एक ईमानदार व्यक्ति बनाने के प्ररेणा देना इस कार्यक्रम का मुख्य उद्देश्य है इस अवसर पर  संस्थान  के  परियोजना समन्वयक   डॉ. एसकेत्यागीसतर्कता अधिकारी डॉमृदुला देवीडॉराहुल कुमार अनुराग वैज्ञानिक,  वरिप्रशाअधिकारी श्रीएचएलमीणा  समेत सभी अधिकारीकर्मचारी एवं दैनिक कर्मचारी उपस्थित रहे

ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana organized training under SCSP programme at College of Fisheries,Raha, Assam

ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana organized training under SCSP programme at College of Fisheries,Raha, Assam

A summer school on “Cutting Edge Epitome of Processing, Value Addition .. organized at ICAR-CIPHET

A 21 days summer school entitled “Cutting Edge Epitome of Processing, Value Addition and Waste Utilization of Horticultural Crops for Augmenting Farmers Income” was organized successfully at ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana during 1-21 October, 2019. Dr. Sunil Kumar was the Course Director and Dr. Ramesh Kumar & Dr. Sandeep Mann were the Course Co-Director of the training program. Fourteen candidates of different disciplines including Horticulture, Food Technology, Agricultural Process Engineering etc. from 6 different states participated in the training program. DR. Gajendra Singh (Former DDG, Engg, ICAR) inaugurated the program. The valedictory function was honored by Dr. SN Jha, ADG, PE, ICAR, New Delhi. The training program included various lectures and practical sessions on various aspects of entire value chain of fruits and vegetables. During the training program exposure visits to various food industries and testing laboratories were also arranged. The notable among them were NP Fresh Foods, Hambran; ISCON Balaji Foods, Ladowal; PHPTC Centre; FST Incubation centre, PAU, Ludhiana; Dairy Processing Plant, GADVASU, Ludhiana;  Food Industry and Craft Mela, PAU, Ludhiana and Visit of ICAR-CIPHET, Abohar.

Hindi Pakhwada during 14-28 September, 2019 is being celebrated in ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana

Hindi Pakhwada during 14-28 September, 2019 is being celebrated in ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana

31st Foundation Day of ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana was celebrated on 3rd October, 2019

The 31st Foundation Day of ICAR-Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering & Technology (CIPHET) was celebrated at its campus in Ludhiana.The Chief Guest of the occasion, Prof. Gajendra Singh, Former-DDG (Engg.), ICAR, New Delhi applauded the Institution’s accomplishments during the past three decades. He stated that the country has achieved self-sufficiency in food grains production and stressed on the need to take production to consumers through processing on ample agricultural produce. He appreciated the efforts of ICAR-CIPHET for externally funded projects and urged to take up these further with national and international collaboration. He also emphasized that being the premier Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering & Technology ICAR-CIPHET should take up M.Tech and Ph.D. programs in this area.

Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dean, College of Agricultural Engineering, PAU, Ludhiana graced the occasion as a Guest of Honour. He addressed the need to enhance the farmer’s income through maximizing the targets of processing.

Dr. R.K.Singh, Director, ICAR-CIPHET, highlighted the Institute’s prominent achievements during the last Year (2018-19) that includes the development of various machines, commercialization of   technologies and Patents. He also appreciated the efforts of the staff for their hard work and motivated them.

Dr. K. Narsaiah, Principal Scientist and Chairman, foundation Day organizing committee, shared his views on engineering inputs required for doubling farmer’s income with the help of Post-Harvest machinery and technologies.

Dr.S.K.Tyagi, Principal Scientist and Project coordinator (Post-Harvest Engineering & Technology) briefed about the glorious journey of ICAR CIPHET. All Head of Division also shared their views.The senior staff members from ICAR-IIMR, Ludhiana, and retired employees of institute also graced this occasion.

The Institute honored its various staff members and the awards were conferred to awardees under 05 different categories viz., scientific, technical, administrative, supporting and sports.

The chief guest also released one technical Bulletin on pulse milling on the occasion and also inaugurated ICAR- Sponsored 21 day’s summer school on “Cutting edge epitome of processing, value addition and waste utilization of horticultural crops for augmenting farmer’s income” organized at ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana during October 01-21, 2019 by Dr Sunil Kumar, Course Director, Dr Ramesh Kumar and Dr. Sandeep Mann Co-Course Director elaborated about the programme to the gathering. Fifteen participants from six different states are attending the programme. Programme accomplished with formal vote of thanks to the chief guest, guest of honour and all the gathering.

Hindi Pakhwada during 14-28 September, 2019 was celebrated in ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana

Hindi Pakhwada during 14-28 September, 2019 is being celebrated in ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana

EDP on ‘Packaging of fresh, minimally processed fruits, vegetables and processed food products’

Three-day Entrepreneurial Development Programme on ‘Packaging of fresh, minimally processed fruits, vegetables and processed food products’ organized at  ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana

Ludhiana, 05 September 2019: ICAR-Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology, Ludhiana has organized  a three-day Entrepreneurial Development Programme on ‘Packaging of fresh, minimally processed fruits, vegetables and processed food products’ from September 03-05, 2019 to train aspiring entrepreneurs in packaging technologies for fresh and minimally processed and processed fruits and vegetables. The need for developing and honing entrepreneurship skills in the area of food packaging is being seen to give a major input for bringing youth into food processing sector. CIPHET with its mandate to contribute in entrepreneurship development is regularly receiving number of request across the country to provide trainings in food packaging to solve their quality concenns and gain product visitbility.    With rapid increase in  demand for convenient, hygienic and quality food products in both urban and rural households; food processing has become a favorite and rightly focused field for young entrepreneurs. Simultaneously the skill development and entrepreneurship in the packaging sector is witnessing a boom. Different packaging requirements for different food products according to their physiological activity and possible shelf life is also of concern among budding entrepreneurs. The programme which aimed to impart hands-on training and upgrade the technical skills of the budding entrepreneurs in, packaging, food safety and quality control/  knowledge of  requirements of national legislation from food regulator FSSAI and other regulations and compliances. The programme was attended by established agri-businessmen, aspiring entrepreneurs, progressive farmers and post graduate students hailing from ten different Indian states including Manipur, Assam, Odisha, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, New Delhi and Punjab. The participants were interested in upgrading their skills and exploring business opportunities in modern packaging techniques adopting innovative packaging technologies and newer and environmentally friendly packaging alternatives.

Speaking in the inaugural session, Dr. R. K. Singh, Director ICAR-CIPHET, acquainted the participants about the entrepreneurial opportunities in food processing sector and importance of packaging for enhancing the shelf life of the food products. He emphasized the role of packaging in increasing the product appeal and tapping the market through innovative packaging techniques.Dr. K Narsaiah Head AS&EC Division and Co-Coordinator of this EDP stressed on the cost effective solutions through packaging for maintaining the quality and enhancing the shelf life of all agricultural products through packaging. A compendium on ‘Packaging of fresh, minimally processed fruits, vegetables and processed food products’ was released in the session. Dr. Rahul K. Anurag, Scientist and Coordinator of this training urged the the participants d to maintain a long term association with the institute.  In the valedictory session of the programme, Sh. Gulzar Singh Randhawa, a participant of earlier EDP on packaging in November 2018 shared his experience and thanked institute scientists in holding his hands and supporting him in establishing his processing and packaging of turmeric spices. He also highlighted the profits he has started to earn after developing a processing and packaging enterprise and benefits when compared to selling produce from his agricultural farms on raw basis. The participants while giving the feedback thanked the organizers for providing a detailed technical knowledge and expressed their motivation and future plan in starting commercial activity.  Dr. R.K. Singh, Director whiassured the participants that technical support and knowledge requirements in future related to their ventures in estabilishing business enterprise will be supported by Institute scientists and experts. 

A Kisan Mela under Jal Shakti Abhiyan was organised by KVK of ICAR-CIPHET at Abohar on 04/09/2019

A Kisan Mela under Jal Shakti Abhiyan was organised by KVK of ICAR-CIPHET at Abohar on 04/09/2019. More than 250 progressive farmers participated in the Mela and different technology for Water Conservation were demonstrated such as Drip irrigation, Micro sprinkler irrigation system, sprinkler irrigation system, in line drip irrigation system and rain water harvesting model. The occasion was graced by the presence of Dr. R.K. Singh, Director, ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana and DC, Fazilka Dist.

ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana gives licensing on "High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan" to Jagraon based Fan Co

ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana gives licensing on "High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan" to Jagraon  based Fan Company (M/s Chana Mechanical Engg.)


The technology is highly useful for providing cooling and comfort in cattle sheds, animal shelters, warehouses and other high ceiling buildings and structures

Ludhiana, 09 September 2019:

Ventilation of animal housing to remove moisture and odors and replacing them with fresh air is necessary for livestock productivity and also provides air movement that promotes cooling and improves air quality for confined animals. Achieving this with normal fans is expensive both in terms initial investment as well as operating costs. Also the air in shelter is stratified due to temperature gradients. Keeping in view the need, ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana has developed High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fan. The technology wa jointly by developed  by Dr. K. Narsaiah, Dr. Sandeep Mann, Dr. Yogesh Kumar and Mrs. Leena Kumari.


Elaborating more about the technology, Dr. K. Narsaiah said that the technology was highly useful for providing cooling and comfort in cattle sheds, animal shelters, warehouses and other high ceiling buildings and structures. HVLS fans are generally ceiling fans although some are pole mounted. HVLS fans move slowly and distribute large amounts of air at low rotational speed– hence the name "high volume, low speed." HVLS fan with custom designed large paddle type blades move the air as one large cylinder (less drag as less interface area). The flow is in laminar regime resulting less energy loss in friction. The secondary flow of the fan after hitting the floor  would further cover additional area. In this way one HVLS fan can approximately give performance equivalent to 6 normal  fans. The power required to run the fan at low speed is significantly less and results in low operational costs.

Mr. Karnail Singh Chana, Proprietor M/s Chana Mechanical Engg., Jagraon approached the institute for this technology. Awarding the license of the technology to entrepreneur on 09.09.2019, Dr. R.K. Singh Director (Acting), ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana remarked that this technology is energy efficient and provides gentle breeze to ensure cooling and comfort with minimum noise and disturbance. On this occasion Dr. Sandeep Mann, Dr.  Yogesh Kumar and Dr. Ranjeet Singh were also present.  

Scientist felicitated with IEI Young Engineer Award

Dr. Manoj Kumar Mahawar working as Scientist (Agricultural Structures and Process Engineering) at the Horticultural Crop Processing division, ICAR-CIPHET Abohar, has been felicitated with the prestigious The Institution of Engineers (IEI) “Young Engineers Award 2019-20”. This award was given by Sh. Biplab Kumar Deb, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Tripura, during the 33rd National Convention of Agricultural Engineers and National Conference on “Commercial Crops Processing and Value Addition”. The programme was organized by the Institution of Engineers (India) at Pragna Bhawan, Agartala, Tripura, from 10-11th August. Dr. Manoj Mahawar was awarded in recognition of his contribution to Agricultural Process Engineering. Sh. Pranajit Singha Roy, Minister of Agriculture, Tripura; Dr. M. Chowde Gowda, FIE, Chairman, Agricultural Engineering Division Board IEI; and other dignitary officials of IEI were also present on the occasion. The IEI has instituted the Young Engineers Award with a view to recognize outstanding achievements/contributions made by young engineers in engineering research and excellence in engineering technology development.

ICAR-CIPHET technology Live Fish Carrier System has been published in ICAR Website

Training&licensing of “Aonla processing for manufacturing of value added products”at ICAR-CIPHET

Aonla or Indian Gooseberry is a hardy fruit crop and can be cultivated throughout the India without much care. Its fruits are highly nutritive with great medicinal benefits but it has limited storage life. Due to its sour and highly astringent taste, consumers don’t much like to eat it in raw form. The Horticultural crop processing division of ICAR-CIPHET, Abohar have developed various value added products to enhance its market value and licensed the technology on ‘Processing of Aonla for manufacturing of value added products’ to the progressive farmer shri. Virsa Singhji from Patti, Taran Taran district of Punjab.

Shri. Virsa Singhji approached the ICAR-CIPHET, Abohar office for training and licensing of this technology. Dr. Kirti Jalgaonkar and Dr. Bhushan Bibwe Scientists of HCP Division, Abohar imparted the training to entrepreneur at Abohar centre, from 06-10 may 2019. Various value added products like aonla candy, preserve, juice, RTS, squash, laddu, dry shreds, triphala churn, Aonla powder, supari, mouth freshner, etc. were developed during the training. The demonstrations of Aonla processing machineries like Aonla grader, shredder, juice extractor, corking machine were also given to the entrepreneur. Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Head and In-charge, HCP Division, ICAR-CIPHET Abohar given his valuable support and guidance for smooth conduct of the training. The entrepreneur have also shown his interest towards establishment of small agro processing centre for Aonla processing after successful completion of the training and machine demonstrations. 

Dr. Ranjeet Singh, In-charge, ITMU coordinated the licensing process of this technology. Dr. R.K. Singh, Director (Acting), ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana awarded the license and training certificate to entrepreneur on successful completion of the training.

The technology"Live Fish Carrier System"signed between ICAR-CIPHET& M/s E-Magic Electric,Jalandhar

The technology of "Live Fish Carrier System and method of transportation of live fish therein" has been transferred to Shri Shivam Sharma, S/o Shri Rajkumar Sharma, Proprietor, M/s E-Magic Electric,  Nangla Fateh Khan, PO- Patara, Jalandhar (Pb)- 144101 by Dr. R.K. Singh, Director (Act.), ICAR-Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET), Ludhiana on 16th April 2016. The inventors of the technology are Dr. Armaan U. Muzaddadi, PI and Dr. S.K. Nanda, Co-PI and the technology for carrying different types of fish in live condition from farm to the market was developed with financial assistance from National Fisheries Development Board, Hyderabad. This technology is highly potential to increase farmers' income by two or three folds.